These come in fixed shapes and sizes. They are a part of the stage which is the most important part in any event, so that it is easier for the people attending the event to be able to see what is going on even from a far distance.


Seeing LED display screens on stages in many life events and live performances are turning more and more popular with each passing day. LED displays are adaptable, easily portable, durable, and nature-friendly. The endless use and applications of LED screens make them indispensable components to add value to any program or event and have turned out to be a staple in almost every type of event. A stage is the most important and indispensable part of any live performance, show, or event, so placing a jumbo LED display screen on it facilitates the spectators to view the performance clearly with ease, even for those who are away from the stage.

Every event holds its own importance and deserves to have a touch of life, and this includes moving the extra mile in practice to make it special. It’s obvious that LED display plays a dominating role in enhancing the elegance of an event, but another crucial component is choosing an appropriate display to solve the exact purpose. You may be confused about where to get LED screen for events perfectly suiting your ultimate needs. Kan Universal brings a full stop to your search for a LED screen ensuring outstanding performance, superior quality, durability, and optimal resolution.

Hosting an event entails much more than choosing a perfect venue and procedurally inviting the suggested guests to attend the big day. The odds are raised if it is an official program as it requires building an ambiance that will exhibit the actual company standards. While each visitor will focus on the event’s theme, it is essential to pull their attention by installing an up-to-date setup. Besides perfect audio-visual solutions, the role of multifaceted LED wall screens can’t be neglected to add a wow factor to the event.

Where The LED Screen Used in Events ?


A better display is always a plus point for a better gaming console and a better experience that you will never forget. When you have your friends and the gaming vibe, you really do not want the display to spoil it for you and that is what LEDs are for, saving the day.




Well, what more do you need except for less stress on the eyes & the same level of enjoyment. LED lights are semi-conductor devices and can be dimmed using controllers which is far better than the other types of lighting devices that provide only step-level dimming.


Impress to create an impact. Be it the how the person making a presentation is dressed up, or the ease with which the client is able to view the screen, everything matters and creates an impact. All these are unsaid but yet very important factors.


Profession needs perfection. Conference rooms can get heated up and you do not need the lighting or the display to add on to that heat for you. Go for LEDs and keep it comfortable and at ease.


Good looks & even better portrayal, isn’t that what functions are about? Nobody wants to get all dressed up and then look absolutely unpresentable due to the fault of the display. Use LEDs look alive.




LEDs are one of the most recognizable inventions of the 20th century. It is a safe and dependable technology that is globally appreciated for the value that it has added to human lives.

LED displays emit high-definition images with superior quality.

These are known for high performance while consuming very low power.

These screens can be smoothly controlled and managed at your fingertips. Even their performance, image quality, brightness, and power can be adjusted as per the needs and circumstances.

As compared to other forms of displays, LEDs are much more nature-friendly.

They are made with durable material, like superior quality fiber instead of glass which gives them a long lifespan.

These screens are water-proof, climate-resistant, and can perform well and bear extreme heat, cold, fog, and humidity.

LED display screens are programmable units.

They contribute great value to the advertising campaigns of various companies and help them improve their brand value.