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LEDs have emerged from just being used on festivals to being developed into one of the prominent lighting solutions today. They are definitely going to last longer because along with better lighting, they also save up to 60% energy when you compare them to the traditional lighting solutions being used since ages. At Brightway LED WALL, we provide you with a wide range of choices for your specific LED requirement. Today, LEDs are being used in diverse fields such as aviation lighting, traffic signals, camera flashes, and even medical devices. Due to the LED technology used in the video walls the display is capable of delivering very high tech, sharp and bright image payoffs. Instead of relying on backlit images, LEDs produce their own, through the video wall technology. The LED video walls are a win win as they don’t require a backlight and produce colored light on their own with voltage. This is what makes them brighter and due to the absence of any filament they are also environment friendly and energy efficient and don’t end up burning out or becoming hot. LEDs are in the market to stay, so go and get yours.






Indoor LED display screens provide displays that are harmonious and ideal for ambient lighting and shorter viewing distances. LED walls make the indoor environment more interesting through the spectacular viewing experience that they provide in places like retail stores, text displays, scoreboards, corporate lobbies, etc.




LEDs are the best choice when it comes to outdoor lighting. They are much better than traditional street lamps, they save a lot of energy when compared to the traditional incandescent or halide lights, they have a much longer life and are durable, they do not take time to heat up and turn on and therefore are the best choice for any weather. Outdoor LED screens are mostly used for brand advertisements and other such shows and events.


Advertising is the need and a key strategy for the growth of any business.

It creates awareness that helps to establish an effective communication between the buyer and the seller.

M/s Brightway advertising, is a pioneer in the advertising world and is well serving since last _ years.
We offer all range of advertising services from in-house branding to outdoor marketing at competitive rates .
We have tech enabled boards for this high tech era that adds to the brand value.